Stop feeling out of control, terrified of triggers and stuck

Instead, learn how to ride the waves by following my simple to implement Life Raft framework so you feel absolutely safe, secure and able to navigate this incredibly tough experience while receiving high quality coaching; community support from like minded souls and discover the confidence and headspace to make conscious, empowered decisions every step of the way.

You are tired of...

Feeling like you’ve lost yourself

Losing motivation every time you start a self care habit

Getting lost in Google rabbit holes

People who don’t understand

Terrifying thoughts on a loop - 10/10 do not recommend

Now you're looking for a better way to get through this and get your life back

You want to feel better so...


👉 BUT it’s full of people saying things like, ‘don’t give up!’ or ‘you have to stay positive!’ which makes you feel like shite when you have a day feeling crappy and doesn’t actually help to, you know, feel positive (and sometimes it just fuels comparison which isn't good either!)


👉 BUT despite your good intentions, somehow you lose motivation after a while; you have a good run then find yourself back where you started, feeling even more frustrated and annoyed with yourself for being unable to ‘stick with it’


👉 BUT you still find yourself questioning if you’ve been thinking positively enough OR wondering if your negative thoughts have attracted your negative experiences. It feels impossible to get the balance right.

Here's a new thought for you:

What if you could find a way to tap into who you actually are, without needing to change yourSELF, radically shifting your approach to every aspect of this journey finding self compassion and support, leaving you hopeful, grounded and able to find joy and potential whatever happens?

Sounds impossible?

Let me guide you back to yourself and show you how.

My membership supports transformational mindset shifts

for hundreds of women every single month.

I receive testimonials and feedback daily telling me how

much the support is changing how they feel.

Truthfully and genuinely without pretending.

Now, I’ll be honest with you:

Working out how to do this myself during my own experience wasn’t easy

During my own fertility journey, I really struggled to find a way through that didn’t leave me feeling…well, rubbish. After trying counselling and sharing what I was going through with my friends and family I still felt lost, hopeless, frustrated, and scared - I  couldn’t work out how to get through it ‘intact’ or understand what to do with the fear and panic.

👉 So I started dabbling with things like manifesting and journaling and vision boards.

And then...

I created a vision board with my goals and chanted my mantras all the time because that’s what the books I was reading were all telling me I had to do in order to make this happen. 


Deep down something told me I was getting a bit manic, but I needed something to cling to.

It didn't work for me.

I still love my vision boards...BUT I crashed so badly every time another month went by without a positive test; a pregnancy or even a period (yep - I lost those along the way too).


Bringing home a longed for baby seemed the only way I would ever be happy again. I had some wonderful counselling but it didn’t actually change how I was feeling about the future.

It didn’t stop me from feeling terrified.

I couldn’t control the one thing I thought would transform how I was feeling: having a child.

So I tried...

❌ using my fertility reflexologist as a therapist/coach but one expensive hour every other week just wasn't anywhere near enough; nice...but not enough

❌ listening to others’ stories and trying to copy how they were getting through it (but my personality was completely different so their ways didn’t work for me)

❌ reading Google forums like an obsessed detective to work out how people got through this hellish experience but getting lost in ancient stories trying to fit their exact experience with my own

And that's when it hit me!

I had zero control over the external circumstances so I had to throw myself into learning how to connect to my inner wisdom to change things!

And this time, I finally started to see the change I didn't know I needed and that I thought I’d never find without that end result:

✅  I started to feel myself again - not only that - a new version of myself (who I liked!)

✅ I began to understand that positivity was a result of aligning with my TRUTH and that once I could connect with this, ANYthing that came up was welcome and OK

✅ I didn’t have to control the NHS (!). I had to take conscious and mindful action towards where we were hoping to get to, while letting go of the illusion of control

✅ I was able to let myself feel grief, pain and everything else while reconnecting to my inner spark, resulting in an outpouring of creativity; career defining moments at work and feeling like the blinkers were OFF for the first time in my life...I felt limitless

✅ I now see that my reactions to triggers weren’t an over reaction; I wasn’t doing anything wrong. This new acceptance meant I connected with a deep and unending self compassion; radically changing my life forever.

Using: The Life Raft Framework!

"The Life Raft made a huge difference in how I felt in myself, and how I managed all of the different emotions I was feeling.

I honestly can't speak highly enough about it and I recommend you and your work to anyone I know who is going through something similar."

"I was sceptical at first...but this is one of the best things I could have done...

...I’ve gained so much from it.


Finding Alice and subsequently joining the Life Raft was a real turning point for me in my infertility journey...without this I don’t think I’d have the skills I’ve had to try and get me through this really tough time  - and also the next chapter I have ahead. I definitely recommend it”

"The feeling of community and people having your back is priceless."

"I joined the life raft at the start of this year and it has been an absolute life line for me. You are an incredible person Alice and have created such an amazing thing for those struggling with fertility. I will be forever grateful for your support and for the life raft…it made me feel connected for the first time in our 3 year struggle and I was able to not only not feel alone anymore but was armed with tools that got me through so much."

"I just want to say I love this space and the app…it is so good and so much better than shitty Google!!!!"

"The life raft has completely changed my mindset around infertility, the community is so supportive. I look forward to the calls and how they make me feel afterwards. The resources we have access to are amazing."

"This groups has been invaluable for me. I have put into effect lots of the tips and tricks that I have learnt from Alice and I’m really grateful for this safe space. When I feel that the world outside doesn’t understand me, I know I can always come here for support."

"The support of the life raft is truly life changing. I feel seen, held and am so thankful to have the wonderful resources and spaces to pick me up and keep me going throughout this journey. It feels like a hug and is incredible to be part of a community who just get it, when so many in my ‘real’ life struggle to understand. Alice and Lucy you are a dream! Thank you <3"

"I'd have been stuck in a very dark place without the Life Raft. Honestly."

"It is so wonderful having the life raft, I joined after Reclaim last year and couldn't be without it x"

"The life raft has been so helpful 🙌"

"the Life Raft is what keeps me afloat (pun intended!)"

"It changed my life and made me feel safe - and I really want that for you too!"

"I am so grateful to have found the life raft! The support of everyone is so amazing. The mindset work is so inspiring and helpful! Thank you thank you! 🙌😘

I’m so grateful for this community, it has taught me that solidarity and compassion are everything, and that it is possible to reframe how i think about this journey

There are so many fertility-related communities and I feel lucky to have found one that was exactly what I need. It helps me every day, no matter how I am feeling.

I am so grateful for the Life Raft community making me feel less alone, and for reclaiming myself on this journey xx"

"​​The life raft is just the most wonderful support network. It feels like a big hug and is such a relief to be surrounded by people who just get it when it feels like no one else understands how you’re feeling. The value for money is also incredible - access to so many amazing workshops both informative and emotionally supportive. I’m so grateful to have found this community and don’t know what I’d do without it xx"

"I joined the Life Raft which became a constant source of support for me whilst going through treatment and when it sadly didn't work at Christmas time. To have a group of people who understood what I was going through and how I felt (with no judgements!) really was invaluable and I can't put into words how much it helped me get through. I looked forward to the calls and always felt more empowered, educated and happier after them."

"Life Raft is a unique concept and community for mindset motivation and peer support without comparison. The tools have helped me reframe my thoughts and actually have fun again alongside ongoing fertility treatments."

"The Life Raft (and Reclaim) was literally a lifeline for me and I don't think I could've functioned without it."

"It has been my "life raft" since I did reclaim 2 years ago"

"I can't imagine not having this support"

"Life Raft = more support than from friends! everyone gets it x"

"Life raft is the best support ❤️"

"I do feel I would cry at this point if there wasn't the option of the Life Raft - that is your impact Alice!!!"

"I love the Life Raft - my husband says it should be available on the NHS!

The best thing? There's literally NO WRONG WAY TO FEEL!

(The framework teaches you exactly what to do with every feeling)

Working on your mindset (and turning your life around)

can take less than 15 minutes a day.

So how exactly does it work?

All it takes is


[To find self acceptance without knowing how your story will end)


Learn the Life Raft Framework


Complete your Life Raft Builder


Practice using it as much as you can!

Membership Options

Resource Hub

1 x live call/month

Private community group (not Facebook!)


Cancel any time

Resource Hub

Minimum 3 x live calls with Alice or expert

Monday Mindset mates

(weekly accountability calls)

Private community



The Anchor Plan - £150 for 12 months of support

Secure your mindset intention by opting for the Anchor Plan. Join us for the year: longer, deeper mindset work for the biggest impact. Incredible value. Whatever happens, we have the right group and support for you.

£150 for an entire year of support.

Can this really work?

Yes. In the 2 years I’ve been running my membership I have supported hundreds of women and watched lives change over and over again as a result of the tools and community we have created.

"The Life Raft provides the friendship that’s needed. Unconditional support. I highly recommend. I especially love the feature talks and Alice and the groups unwavering support which is available daily. It van be nervewarcking to share stuff with strangers but you soon realise everyone has similar struggles and they don’t feel like strangers for long."

"A life Saver"

"The life raft is amazing"



"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me space, support, a voice and sense of belonging. It really really turned things around for me so thank you. the most powerful part of the Life Raft has been for me to find pride and compassion for myself rather than the shame and guilt I previously felt about not been able to get pregnant. I also met two incredibly supportive, wonderful women in real life through the group who I think are now forever friends.  

Thank you, thank you"




Now I am so glad to bring you the most accessible version of my life changing community

for the first time ever with my lowest monthly payment


The online haven for women longing for a child, focused on personal growth - not the end result

Ride the waves with me!

When you join The Life Raft...

You get everything you need to quickly reframe your experience and get your life back

Receive instant access to:

✅ The Life Raft Framework; my bespoke tried and tested method

​✅ Instructions from me with on demand coaching videos and downloads

​✅ An incredible resource hub filled with experts in wellness, fertility, personal growth plus mindset workshops with Alice 

✅​ Access to a private, moderated online group (not on Facebook) for support; community; empathy, compassion and mindset accountability

✅ Support from a certified Coach in the group

✅ 1 x Live Call every month with Alice 

✅ Access to the whole of Alice’s Mindset shop! Courses, meditations, downloads and more

Available on demand when you join...

Stevie B

Celebrity Stylist and Body
Acceptance Mentor

Aisha Carrington

Sound and meditation

Big Fat Negative

Gabby & Emma: Podcast hosts and authors

Zoe Clark Coates

Award winning charity CEO, best-selling author, business leader, grief expert and TV presenter.

Mr James Nicopoullos

Clinical Director

Lister Fertility Clinic


Adam Martin: Poet, Creator of GABA podcast, Meditation that unfolds like a beautiful dream

Becky Kearns

Donor Mum, support for TTC, IVF and Donor Conception. Founder of Paths to Parenthub

Sarah Holland

Fertility EFT Coach

The Fertile Mindset

Miss Conception Coach

Chiemi Rajamahendran

Infertility Trauma & Loss Support Specialist

Tessa Custers

Female sexuality and Intimacy Coach

Lauren Barber

Mentor, Creative Alchemist and Space Holder

Isik Tlabar

Empowerment coach and breathwork facilitator

Hannah Pearn

Fertility acupuncturist and educator

Dr Belinda Coker

Experienced GP and executive medical director and Founder, Your Trusted Squad

Antonia: Tamed Minds

Mind Calm Meditation Specialist

Helen Snape

Award winning Healthy Relationships Coach

Melanie Brown

Nutritionist: Female Fertility, Male Fertility

Alice Rose

Mindset Mentor and Transformational Coach

Helen Davenport-Peace

Yoga Teacher & Fertility Support nurturing women/men on fertility journeys

Fertility Matters at Work

Raising awareness of fertility issues in the workplace

Alex Williams

The PCOS Collective is a non-diet, HAES® informed education hub for people with PCOS

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside...













No more doing this alone

Be part of a community of incredible like minded women, who are ready to find a new, strengthening, empowering and gently positive way through AND the Welcome Challenge to kickstart your new journey.

Be part of a properly curated online space with expert advice and peer support with dedicated mindset chats for every scenario from donor conception; secondary infertility; male infertility; adoption and other alternative routes to parenthood - don’t see what you need? Let us know, we’ll make sure you get it!

"I was sceptical at first...but this is one of the best things I could have done...

...I’ve gained so much from it.

Finding Alice and subsequently joining the Life Raft was a real turning point for me in my infertility journey...without this I don’t think I’d have the skills I’ve had to try and get me through this really tough time - and also the next chapter I have ahead. I definitely recommend it”

❤️ Emily - Life Raft Crew Member ❤️


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

I am completely convinced that the tools and techniques I share have the potential to change your life, because it has done for me and for hundreds of others before you.

This is for you if...

✅ You want to bring home a baby (it doesn’t matter how or how long you’ve been wanting this)

✅ You want to feel positive, empowered and supported while you go through it

If you tick one of those boxes: you’re in the right place.

Join Us...

You don’t have to spend hours of your life doing transcendental meditations or spend thousands to feel so much more at ease (feeling more you, getting unstuck, releasing constant obsessions and knowing how to cope with uncertainty and the unknown)

With a clear and concise framework to work with, the right support, the best community and the resources to keep going on your path no matter what happens, you will can take ownership of your thoughts and feelings again.

I already bought so many things that didn’t help; why

do I need this?


The Life Raft, at every level, is completely different to anything else out there​

This will help you to flip the switch from feeling stuck to knowing exactly what to do with every feeling that comes up​

This will allow you to live your life feeling confident with a well of self-compassion, without pretending

everything is easy, but knowing how to navigate it all! 

Not only theory and knowledge but day by day steps to take ownership without force or pretence​.

You aren’t alone anymore.

Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same journey

(stay anonymous if you like).​

There is no risk (7-day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time)

This costs less than a box of supplements per month but unlike the supplements, can change your whole life giving you tools to use forever, giving you exactly what you need to address the fear and anxiety without a hefty price tag.

I swear by the things I share with you in this membership because they transformed my life forever even when I didn’t know what would happen for me…

...and I want the same for you.

Go from being overwhelmed and isolated ➤➤➤

to certain of what you need every day and how to give it to yourself, even if its mini eggs and a bottle of wine ('cos another day it'll be green smoothies and yoga!)

Stop trying different communities without a clear path to show you how to get from A to B ➤➤➤

have a practical, easy strategy to move your headspace (and life) into a totally different place

Stop doing this alone ➤➤➤

get support; feedback on how to implement the Framework; accountability and a wealth of resources

in our amazing members-only community.


You need to know this is a safe place. You need to know your time, money and energy will

be invested well. You need to know this won't just be another thing 'to do'.

I've got you!

I'm going through secondary infertility, is this right for me?

This is a safe place for anyone longing for a baby, no matter the circumstances. We have lots of women in this position who connect through our private chat room to share the specific difficulties secondary infertility brings. The whole group works on mindset, release work and inner self compassion continuously, so the energy in the space - whether on our calls or the community in our app - is incredibly supportive, kind and understanding.

How often are the live support calls? What if I can't make them?

The Wave includes one live call every month. The Life Raft has a minimum of3, plus weekly peer-led accountability calls. All is recorded (apart from our monthly Circles to protect the container of the space)

I live in Australia/the US/somewhere that's not the UK. Is that a problem?

Not at all! We have a beautiful global community and I love that so many members are based all over the world.

I'm a bit apprehensive. I'm just not sure it's for me?

If you're feeling pulled towards something; ready for a change and there's even just an inkling that this could be the start of it...come and see what it's like. It is a warm, safe place focussed on positive and gentle self compassion. If you ever feel like you're not sure where to start, we are a very friendly bunch - so all you need to do is reach out. We'll be there. Four Tops style. (Is that cultural reference still remotely viable?!).

Can't I just get all this from free FB groups, YouTube and Google?

Wellll, you could probably find lots of good stuff out there, sure. Or you could know that every piece of content in the Life Raft is curated and crafted for you straight from the heart; in a place like no other! This really is a magical community with the most beautiful tapestry of offerings. It's not just a load of fertility advice. You're a human being and we cater for that human-ness holistically and with soul.

Is this just for women?

While we're VERY aware of the desperate need for better support for men, at the moment the Life Raft is just for women.

I'm in a same sex relationship/doing this solo/going through donor conception/have male factor infertility/have never been through treatment/have experienced baby loss - is this for me?

Yes. The Raft is for anyone trying to bring home a baby and we have private chat rooms for you to connect with others going through similar experiences. The focus is not on treatment and while we do connect with others we protect the energy of the group with clear guidelines on how to use the space!

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